How To Back Up Facebook 2022? (Complete Guide)

Given that Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites on the planet, an enormous amount of information and media are available on it.

The fact that Facebook has changed from what it once was has led to a large number of users searching for methods to back up their accounts, download their data, or completely delete them while still keeping all of the photos they have posted over the years. How to back up Facebook 2022?

Open the Facebook app and select “Settings and Privacy”. Click on the “Account Settings”. Select “information from Facebook”. Next, click on “Information can be downloaded”. Select a “Date range” and then click “Request download”.

This blog post explains how to back up Facebook so that readers can safeguard their accounts in the event of a computer crash, a lost or stolen device, or other unanticipated occurrences.

How To Back Up Facebook 2022?

  • Log in to your Facebook Account and Explore “Settings”
  • Tap on “Your Facebook Information,” then click on “Download your Information,” and tap on the “View” button
  • A default page will appear showing Request a download option
  • Here, select “HTML” or “JSON” under the Format drop-down.

(If you want to download it to your computer, HTML is the best option because it can be viewed offline with ease. In comparison, JSON format is required when one wants to import Facebook data to another service provider).

  • Choose the quality of media from High, Medium, or Low
  • Pick the time frame from the available choices in the Date Range drop-down option.
  • Click on the checkbox to choose or deselect the information needed in backup
  • Scroll down the page and find the “Request a download” button and click on it
  • Explore the “Available Files” tab.

Downloading Facebook Backup could take some time. Once the file is ready, Facebook should send a notice to the user via mail inviting them to download it. Beneath the Available Files tab area, There will be a button to download the file in ZIP format.

Back Up Facebook

What Is Not Included In My Facebook Account Backup?

Your Facebook data download will exclude the following items: anything related to you but not posted or shared by you.

Among them are activities you’ve been tagged in, posts that are hidden from your timeline, videos you’ve watched, and saved items/collections. Other examples include pictures that other people have uploaded and/or tagged you in.

Steps To Download All Pictures From A Facebook Profile Using Android

The backup includes preserving the information for all of the Facebook photos that have been uploaded.

Additionally, Android users can download all of their Facebook photos in a single compressed file. Following are instructions for backing up Facebook photos and videos if one owns an Android phone or tablet:

  • Open the Facebook app and tap the hamburger icon at the right corner of the screen
  • Open “Settings” and look for “Your Facebook Information
  • Now, select “Download your Information
  • Click on “Photos and Videos” and continue to select the date run, record arrange, and media quality
  • Click on “Create File” and let Facebook accumulate all media
  • Lastly, go to the “Available Copies” and download the file.

Steps To Download All Pictures From A Facebook Profile Using iPhone

All of the images from Facebook can be downloaded to iPhone users’ devices. We advise making sure the phone has enough storage before starting the downloading process. Using an iPhone to backup Facebook images and videos:

  • Open the “Facebook app” on your iPhone and click on the “hamburger icon”
  • Tap on “Settings” and to the “Your Facebook Information” section
  • Go to “Download Your Information”
  • Select the “Photos and Videos” option, deselecting all categories
  • After choosing the date range, format, and media quality, tap on “Create File”
  • Then, click on “Available Copies” tab
  • Now, tap on the “Download” button. Password needs to be entered here. After doing so, tap on “Continue”
  • Last but not least, choose to save the file to either your iPhone camera roll or iCloud in order to back up your Facebook photos and videos.

More Different Ways To Back Up Facebook

Your Facebook account can be backed up in a number of different ways. An alternative is to download a copy of your data. Choose the “download a copy of your Facebook data” option under Settings. You will be able to save all of your content (pictures, chats, etc.) in this way.

Using a backup tool like IFTTT or Backupify is another way to back up your Facebook account. IFTTT enables you to create recipes that automatically back up your data from numerous online services, including Facebook. A service called Backupify will regularly back up all of your social media content, including your Facebook posts and messages.

Printing your Facebook posts is yet another way to make a backup of your account. Click on “Facebook” on the website for the printed version to accomplish this.” The posts you choose to print will then be sent to you via postal mail after you have had a chance to do so.

Finally, if you are concerned about losing access to your Facebook account, you can set up a backup email address. Please navigate to Settings and select “change contact email” from the drop-down list. Click Save Changes after entering the email address you want to use for your Facebook account. if you ever misplace your own.

What Is The Best Way To Backup Facebook?

Facebook is a great way to stay in touch with friends and family, but you should always have a fallback option. There are many ways to back up your Facebook account, whether you want to restore it in the event of a data loss or ensure you have a copy in case something happens to the original. To keep your Facebook backups secure and available, be sure to pick an approach that is simple for you to use. If worst comes to worst and you are unable to log into your account, keep in mind that you can always restore your Facebook account from a backup!

Final Thoughts

You should start backing up your Facebook account as quickly as you can. It’s always a good idea to have a backup in case of a computer crash, a lost or stolen device, or other unforeseen circumstances, regardless of how much information you’ve shared on the social media platform.

In today’s world, no one should undervalue the importance of data. We only have data that people post on social media apps like Facebook as memories in the digital age. One could back up Facebook in 2022 using the techniques displayed above.

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