How To Vlog On iPhone? Complete Guide 2022 For You

Undoubtedly, vlogging has emerged as a new fashion and obsession in today’s society. Through vlogs, people like to express their daily activities, innermost feelings, and viewpoints.

If you are serious about vlogging, a dedicated vlogging camera is an incredibly useful investment for a high-quality, stable video to impress your audience. But sometimes you just don’t have the time or resources to purchase a separate camera just for your vlog. Fortunately, your iPhone is probably always by your side, and smartphones can help you create a vlog.

This article will shed light on how to vlog with iPhone using smart tricks. You can easily start vlogging from home by putting the following advice into practice.

What Is A Vlog?

Vlog is a strange word that wasn’t around 15 years ago. Essentially, a vlog is the combination of the words “video blog” and “blog,” though this is still a very popular theme. However, just like blogs, vlogs have evolved beyond the “what I did today” themes they started with. We now have vlogs about an infinite number of topics, including politics, technology, cooking, and travel. Several cable TV networks are outdone in terms of global viewership by others. Some are incredibly specialized, concentrating on a very particular community or even corporate or personal branding.

But generally speaking, every vlog starts with one or two people talking, teaching, or sharing something on camera. Consistent, serial content also includes vlogs. Part of what aids in their audience development (and helps them rank highly in YouTube’s algorithm) is the consistency of new, episodic content every day, week, or month. Vlogs are almost always created by a single person or a very small team, unlike TV network programs. Consider them to be a type of episodic micro-content, with themes ranging from documentaries to how-to videos to even personal journals. And the majority of vlogs—even some of the most well-known ones, like Marques Brownlee, who has approximately 11 million subscribers and uses an expensive RED cinema camera—began with nothing more than the iPhone’s built-in camera.

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How To Vlog On iPhone?

This section will provide some useful advice on how to start vlogging on an iPhone without a pricey setup.

1. Design Your Content.

Making a content plan is the first step before you can start vlogging. Identify a range of topics and ideas that will allow you to showcase your creativity. Explore various vlogs of well-known influencers to gain inspiration. The audience should receive original yet compelling content from you.

2. Utilize The Highest Resolution Possible.

Videos of the highest caliber are always aesthetically pleasing and give the viewer a sense of professionalism. Furthermore, high-resolution videos have instant zooming in and out that don’t distort the image. Ensure that your iPhone is set to the highest resolution it can support. Every new iPhone model now supports 4K videos, allowing you to create high-quality videos.

3. Use Accessories.

Purchasing a tripod and microphone is the best option if you want to make vlogging easier. You can shoot your videos more conveniently when using a tripod since you won’t need to hold your iPhone constantly. Additionally, it will aid in phone stabilization and help to avoid shaky videos. Additionally, you can record crystal-clear audio even in crowded spaces by using a separate microphone.

4. Practice Your Shot.

The adage “practice makes a man perfect” also holds true for making vlogs. You should practice your shot in advance as a beginner to get a better idea of how to begin and end the vlog smoothly. Remember to use your iPhone’s landscape mode, which captures every detail admirably.

5. Pick A Colorful Backdrop.

You should choose locations or backgrounds with a striking visual appeal when recording your vlogs. For instance, you can decorate a specific wall and use it when filming your vlogs. Additionally, you can pick any place where you can use natural light to improve the quality of your video.

6. Groom Editing Skills.

The next crucial step after recording your vlog is to edit it perfectly. To make it appear flawless and well-polished, you can edit by cropping, resizing, and including transitional effects. To edit your vlogs, experiment with various editing apps. You can also watch tutorials to learn how to use editing apps and improve your editing abilities.


iPhone: Best Cheap Vlogging Camera For Beginners

Any Android or iPhone smartphone is affordable, right? Most definitely not, because if you already have one, buying a new camera, lens, microphone, etc. would cost several thousand dollars. The iPhone is the best vlogging camera for beginners for a number of reasons, not the least of which is price. Every generation of cameras improves the cameras a little bit more. There are many different kinds of accessories available, including microphones, gimbals, camera cages, and lens attachments. Additionally, you have the freedom to record, edit, create graphics, and add sound effects from a single device while you’re on the go thanks to the enormous library of apps.

But more importantly than anything else, because they are already comfortable with it, beginners can use the iPhone as their best vlogging camera. Although they might start using it in new ways and will need to learn new skills, the tool itself is well-known. Because of the low learning curve, they can concentrate even more on the content rather than the technology. The constraints imposed by the iPhone (or any smartphone) also aid and challenge content creators in developing their skill sets and aesthetics. 90% of what someone learns from vlogging on an iPhone, like proper lighting, microphone technique, framing and even editing style, all translates to whatever camera or multimedia production tech they upgrade to later on… if they choose to upgrade at all. In addition to the fact that you already have one in your pocket, the iPhone is convenient, expandable, and portable for a variety of additional reasons. For any aspiring vlogger, multimedia journalist, or content creator, it’s a great place to start.

Recommended Vlogging Apps

Do you want to edit your videos using vlogging apps for the iPhone? This section will go over 5 expert video editors that will make it simple for you to edit your vlogs.

  1. iMovie
  2. YouTube Studio
  3. FilmoraGo
  4. Splice
  5. Quik

1. iMovie

iMovie is a reliable video editor with tons of features to edit your vlogs professionally. Using this app, you can make your vlogs’ intro by including titles and appropriate music. You can effectively select and use different video styles to give your vlogs various effects. Additionally, you can instantly add or remove video clips from your vlogs and create seamless transitions.

Key features

  • iMovie contains 20 storyboards through which you can easily begin crafting trending video styles.
  • If you want to give your vlogs a truly distinctive and artistic appearance, you can experiment with a variety of layouts.
  • The title track, background music, and transitions are all embedded in pre-made themes. You can quickly and easily edit your vlog using any pre-made themes.
  • Animated styles like pop-up, reveal, and split can be used for a more dynamic appearance.
  • Keyboard shortcuts let you navigate and use the iMovie app while enjoying the user interface.

2. Youtube Studio

To edit vlogs expertly, use this editing app. You can add variations and correct errors to your vlog quickly and easily thanks to the impressive processing speed. By analyzing the video performance, many users of this app monitor the development of their YouTube channel. Easy-to-use analytics are included in this app to aid in the maintenance of YouTube channels.

Key features

  • With the help of this app, you can quickly cut out the unnecessary portions of your vlog.
  • You can modify the audio quality and add background music to your vlog.
  • This app gives the user the option to blur any particular area of the vlog if they want to hide people’s faces.
  • This tool makes it simple to create unique thumbnails for your vlogs.
  • Your YouTube channel’s video settings can be upgraded, allowing you to edit the title and description.

3. Splice

Splice is a robust program that works well with all iPhone models. You can add clips and smoothly merge them with just a few clicks. To improve the quality of your vlog, you can trim the parts to remove flaws and add the right transitions. By altering the white balance, hue, and saturation points, you can fine-tune the details of your videos. You can quickly share the edited video on various online platforms.

Key features

  • You can insert transitions between your video clips and set the speed of the transitions to your liking.
  • You can quickly add a video to your photos and use beautiful effects to give them a distinctive look.
  • For your vlog, you can easily create a unique intro and outro using this platform.
  • Prior to using them in your vlog, you can mix and trim several audio tracks.
  • Your vlog will be more engaging if you use the voiceover recorder that is integrated into the app.

4. Quik

Quik is a sophisticated editing program that offers countless options for editing videos. Every feature that can raise the caliber of your videos is present in it, including AI-powered tools that automatically add alluring effects. This tool has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to preview the results and efficiently view your video on its timeline. Additionally, the original high quality of the videos is maintained when this tool generates the output results.

Key features

  • The tool will automatically fix the flaws through special effects by selecting the automatic highlight feature.
  • Users can properly sync transitions and video clips using this app’s beat-sync feature.
  • You can control the speed of your video by precisely accelerating or decelerating.
  • You can use the special filters it has to offer to give the videos an alluring setting.
  • Additionally, your video’s frame grab feature allows you to instantly capture a high-resolution image from it.

5. Filmorago

One of the safest and simplest tools for proficient video editing is this app. To give your vlogs more originality and artistic flair, try using its many features. To get a sense of the different video styles, start by looking at their templates. Additionally, you can include text overlays, effects, and stickers to make each episode of your vlog interesting and unique. Because of its features, this tool effectively promotes innovation.

Key features

  • You can add intriguing slow-mos and change the vlog’s playback speed.
  • Your video’s brightness, saturation, contrast, and temperature can all be adjusted expertly using its display features.
  • Additionally, you can instantly add and modify your video’s background and adjust its aspect ratio.
  • You can easily add music to your vlogs using the built-in library.
  • Along with other features, this editing tool lets users record and add voiceovers to their vlogs.

Some Vlogging Tips For Beginners

Remember to use landscape mode: In today’s mobile streaming world, holding the phone horizontally in landscape mode has become standard video etiquette. In essence, portrait mode’s peculiar formatting isn’t very compatible with online posting techniques and causes visual issues, so landscape video is a necessity. Additionally, the accessories we previously mentioned are typically made to operate in landscape rather than portrait mode (yes, you will occasionally see teen YouTubers shooting videos in portrait mode, but don’t worry—they literally have no idea what they’re doing).

Always enable image stabilization: Because smartphones are so sensitive to movement, longer videos on them can shake and jostle even when you think you’re standing still. This problem can be fixed by image stabilization. Even if you are using a tripod and especially if you are moving around while recording, you should always check that image stabilization options are turned on in any video app you use.

Lighting is important: You can’t really control lighting with an iPhone. However, moving around and discovering fresh camera angles is very simple. Find the angles that illuminate your subject the brightest. This might call for repositioning because smartphones sometimes register light in a strange way.

Yes, a selfie stick can be very useful: Selfie sticks are popular in vlogging because they make it possible to position the camera at the ideal distance from your face to prevent that annoying close-up, bloated look that smartphones occasionally produce (and make it simpler to include other people in the video). Additionally, a selfie stick gives your shot some additional stabilization while allowing you to move around.


Can I vlog using an iPhone?

Yes, you can definitely start vlogging using an iPhone because it has a high-resolution camera that records stunning images. You can easily improve your vlogs’ quality by utilizing its various modes.

What iPhone models work best for vlogging?

The highest resolution cameras for vlog recording are found in the most recent iPhone models, including the iPhone 12 and 13 Pro Max. These most recent models have three built-in cameras, which boost their effectiveness and performance. You can use these models to record your vlogs in the improved frame rate, resolution, and quality without needing expensive equipment.

How can I vlog for nothing using my iPhone?

Use the iPhone’s integrated camera to effectively record your vlogs to start vlogging for no cost. Additionally, you can easily post your vlogs on YouTube by editing them in any free video editor.

What vlogging app do YouTubers use?

FilmoraGo is a popular tool used by YouTubers to record and edit their vlogs. With the help of built-in editing tools, this app lets users record videos in high resolution. You can edit your vlog to perfection and add a variety of effects to make it more visually appealing by making use of its editing features.


It goes without saying that using an iPhone or Android to shoot and create videos is more convenient and reasonably priced than using a professional camera.

The professionalism and video rendering effect of the iPhone/Android, however, is not as good as the camera. It might not be suitable for Vlogging, for instance, since the exposure cannot be changed by changing the aperture. Your choice is your own.

If you’re interested, start your first vlog right away on your iPhone!